Getaway Spas provides spa vacations to any destination worldwideThe Haven Health Spa & Hotel Boquete
Getaway Spas provides spa vacations to any destination worldwide
Chiriqui Highlands of Panama in Central America

The Haven Health Spa & Hotel Boquete Panama, Central America
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reservation at the The Haven Health Spa & Hotel Boquete Set against the beautiful, exotic region of Panama lies The Haven Health Spa & Hotel Boquete,
a quiet, tranquil oasis in Central America of fresh air, crystal mountain springs, the best coffee, amazing flowers, fauna, beautiful rivers and rainbows. Presenting everything one needs to unwind and de-stress, guests will enjoy our pampering spa treatments with an opportunity to get fit, get healthy, or perhaps just enjoy a Boquete area hotel room where one can relax on our superbly comfortable pillow-top mattresses.

Why The Haven Health Spa and Why Panama?
Today's health conscious traveler is more outgoing and adventurous in seeking out new experiences than ever before. Two things that most people have in common, one is the desire to find natural answers to improve their health, quality of life and ever more importantly - improved lifespan. The other is to travel, experience exciting new cultures, and seek out a holiday adventure to explore new places and learn things of value to them.

The Haven Health Spa and Panama can easily fulfill both of these desires. As a new state of the art facility in Panama set against the beautiful mountain resort of Boquete, guests will find the ideal place to spend some time exploring Panama, while at same time improving their health and understanding how to achieve a happier, healthier YOU once they leave, taking precious information back home with them. A trip to the beautiful mountain resort region of Boquete can even take up your entire trip with water rafting, mountain safari trips, and more or it can be used as only part of your stay, exploring other areas such as the wonderful beach resorts or the coastal areas of Panama such as Bocas Del Toro on the Caribbean side.

A multitude of options awaits each guest at The Haven Health Spa & Hotel Boquete whether you simply need a hotel room and require use of our facilities or perhaps staying elsewhere and just prefer to use our delightful Day Spa passes. Either way we welcome you to book a few treatments on your visit to Boquete or participate in one of our soothing spa packages or popular health programs.

The Haven Health Spa & Hotel Boquete's facilities include an Exercise Pool, Gym, Racquet Ball Court, Jacuzzi, Infrared Sauna (for a superior detox), Small Meeting Room, Relaxation Areas and so much more.

The Haven's new yoga center, with full length windows that frame stunning views of forest and mountains. They offer affordable luxury accommodation for small groups of up to 15 people to run their own mountain yoga retreat plus the opportunity to explore the amazing things Panama has to offer. The yoga center has a new oak hardwood floor, direct access to the garden with an outside deck that is bordered by a mountain stream. Plus gym, swimming, infrared sauna, steam, relaxation areas and alternative health and spa treatment rooms to complete you experience. British owners and international practitioners.

Isn't it time you gave your BODY the vacation it deserves?

There has never been a better time to juice fast detox than right now, our bodies are constantly under attack from toxicity in the form of chemicals in the air, in our food and the products you use on your body. This toxic overload we all face can disrupt the normal functioning of the body’s systems in the long term. The symptoms that each person can experiences, varies vastly from person to person. But generally it can be anything from feeling very tired to being overweight, from general aches and pains to interfering with your hormone balance. That’s why a regular detox, perhaps once or twice a year can really help take the pressure off your body and give you back your vitality and zest for daily life.

4 day and 10 day Juice Fast Detox in LUXURY!
Under professional guidance at The Haven Health Spa we offer you a great way to juice fast and detox in a breathtaking mountain location, offering affordable luxury where you will be greeted and pampered by attentive staff who will look after you throughout your stay, while you enjoy your treatments and use the gym, exercise pool, steam, infrared saunas (for a superior detox cleanse), 100 jet Jacuzzi, relaxation areas, racquet ball, etc. Enjoy a juice fasting program that offers you delicious fruit & vegetable smoothies and juices in an idyllic mountain paradise.

The Haven Health Spa and fitness area

Clinic, SPA Treatments, Alternate Health Treatments & Health Programs
Alternative Health Treatments at The Haven Health Spa & Hotel Boquete, Panama

Let The Haven International team assist you in making the most of your experience with its warm care, hospitality and attention. The Haven Health Programs are run by the principle team which consists of a Naturopath (and nutritional therapist), Acupuncturist and Osteopath (injury, joint and muscles specialist, chiropractic work) with years of experience, who will take special care to ensure your stay and your health experience is a comfortable one. Languages spoken - English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and German.

Our health programs are bespoke and begin with an individual consultation as the starting point to your new health experience. The Haven international team (from Britain, Sweden, Panama and North America) will set out your treatment options and show you a way to achieve better health and an improved lifestyle. We also present in-depth health assessment using Naturopathic and Chinese diagnostics along with a lifestyle plan.

The health program staff has many years experience helping people with chronic conditions such as arthritis, asthma, stress, weight problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and so much more. You do not need to suffer or take so much medication we can show you how you can improve your health naturally, long term.

Each person is treated individually, as their set of signs and symptoms will be different to yours. All your signs and symptoms are important no matter how small, building up a picture is vital as it forms part of the assessment needed to device a course of action.

Originally from England and the USA, The Haven Health Program Team now resides and practices in Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama.

The Haven Health Spa amenities

Examples of health spa treatments and health programs include:

Massage & Spa Treatments Boquete
Day Spa
Indulgence Spa Package 2 Nights
Pure Bliss Spa Package 4 Nights
Ultimate Spa Package 7 Nights

• Natural Anti-aging
• IBS treatment Program
Weight-loss Health-gain Education
• Arthritis treatments and Pain Reduction

• Executive Health & Stress Program
• Personal Journey of Renewal

Find out how you too can improve your health simply and very effectively. The Haven Health Programs Team's philosophy is to empower you with knowledge that is easy yet very effective. Rest assured our years of experience and dedication to excellence in hotel service, pampering and health will be evident the moment you visit the The Haven Health Spa & Hotel Boquete.

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In the Chiriqui Highlands of Panama
Central America

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