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Women Walkers Travel Services -Trips to Israel
Women Walkers Travel - Trips to Israel Recommended facilty
11 Lyonsgate Rd
Bexley, OH 43209
RESERVATIONS ~ Ph. 0870 609 2690 or Toll Free 1-888-340-3867 or 614-581-4251    Email
Booking Info ~ Website
Women Walkers Travel specializes in small group, women-only adventures in Israel. Our tours are for women looking for a unique and exciting experience who are willing to push the boundaries beyond their usual limits.We offer fun, friendship and exhilarating experiences. We travel to some of the most breathtaking, exciting and fascinating places in Israel. Our multi-sport tours include a variety of activities including hiking, biking, rafting, cruising, rappelling, riding camels through the desert and more. Imagine experiencing all this in a place where each and every step we take has the footprint of the fascinating human history that preceded us. Hiking Israel is an extraordinary experience that defies description. Beyond the indisputable beauty of its landscapes, its exquisite species of flora and fauna, and its rich diversity of animal life, there is an ethereal sense of the past coming alive. There is no place on earth that tugs at one’s heart and soul so profoundly and no paths as enthralling as the ones explored on this journey. Israel is a small country whose length can be crossed in a day and whose width can be crossed in even less time. Squeezed into this tiny area are lonely sand dunes, icy snow capped mountains, arid deserts, and lush forests. People often express fear about travelling to Israel. These same people have never been to Israel. The women who join my trip are often struck by how very safe and secure they felt travelling throughout the country. That being said, I am committed to providing a safe and secure travel experience in Israel for all of my clients. It is important to remember that despite the general tension in the Middle East, Israel remains a vibrant and colorful society. Hundreds of thousands of tourists of all ages and types continue to visit Israel each year and have the experience of a lifetime. There is no better time to travel Israel, and we will be happy to make this experience possible for you.

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