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Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary & Retreat Center
Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary & Retreat Center Recommended facilty
1330 Waterway Lane
Burner, TX 78611
RESERVATIONS ~ Ph. Toll Free 1-888-756-7878 Local 512-756-7878    Email
Booking Info ~ Website
Visitors coming to Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary & Retreat Center can directly experience the values of Rainbow Hearth as they walk the land, and enjoy the restorative qualities of beautiful rooms, high quality beds, delicious, life-filled food and superb massage, bodywork and other body, mind and spirit therapies, practices. A place to retreat, to center one?s self, to rebuild one?s health, and to reconnect with the Earth. For many it serves as a monastic-like setting, providing an environment that encourages both reflection and positive action. Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary has been substantially enriched by Native American, Tibetan, Buddhist, Shamanic, Christian, Jewish and other spiritual cultures and rituals. Through the guidance of qualified leaders, Rainbow Hearth can provide space for sacred ceremonies, vision quests, personal retreats, seasonal ceremonies, and rites of passage. Rainbow Hearth Thunder Ridge at Rainbow Hearth in Texas, was also used by Indigenous Americans as a sacred ceremonial site. A sophisticated seventh-generation medicine woman described the ridge as an earth power spot, describing it as ?the most energetically supportive place? she has ever experienced ? second only to the Chartres Cathedral near Paris, France. Many persons who have walked the Medicine Rock have reported life-changing insights. Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary and Retreat Center provides RETREAT PACKAGES for COUPLES, FRIENDS, INDIVIDUALS and groups in addition to offering the perfect setting for your life coach retreat. Come connect with nature and renew your body with beautifully, deliciously prepared organic and natural food, intimate, candle-lit dining, "Sleep Number" (TM) beds, SPA and hiking trails and most likely the finest massage you are likely to ever experience.

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