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Juice Fasting Retreats
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Juice Fasting Retreats - Juice Fast Retreat DIRECTORY

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Worldwide Juice Fasting Retreats

Juice Fasting Retreats in CALIFORNIA

Rejuvenate with Jan Cleansing Fast Retreats
Rejuvenate with Jan - Cleansing Fast Retreats Recommended facilty
Featured Retreat Listing
Desert Hot Springs, CA - Los Angeles, CA - Palm Springs, CA
RESERVATIONS ~ Ph. 323-259-8939 or Email
Booking Info ~ Website
"I only use FRESHLY MADE ORGANIC juices that ARE NOT SHIPPED in from somewhere else the day before."
Enjoy World Famous Healing Natural Hot Mineral Spring Waters. This Detox Cleansing Fast California Spa Retreat offers the world famous Hot Springs natural mineral waters. Lose pounds of toxic weight and emotions, while relaxing and renewing in these healing waters. Get your life and your gut un-stuck! Juice Fasting Retreats are held in Desert Hot Springs, California at Lido Palms Resort & Spa. This is in the Palm Springs California area. There are beautiful views of the palm trees against the mountains. Great sun rises and sun sets. Something of the upmost of importance is that it is ONLY FASTERS ON SITE. There will be no one around you who is eating, drinking or cooking. THIS CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR FASTING / DETOX EXPERIENCE. You will have all aspects of effective and intensive detoxification, which include: juices, electrolytes, probiotics, lemon and cayenne, drinks for low blood sugar, infrared sauna, mineral and detox baths, soups, minerals, detox teas and drinks. You will lose weight and have a new lease on life. Hit that reset button and have a life-changing experience. Come and have a HEALTHY GOOD TIME!! Cleansing and enhancing my body and mind has been a personal pleasure and passion of mine for several years. The average person, even with a flat stomach, carries around in their bowel 10 - 15 POUNDS (often more) of PURE TOXIC WASTE. that is poisoning the body. My Cleansing Retreat Program is the result of traveling the world and finding out first hand what I feel has been most effective. I will continue to seek out the best possible methods of cleansing and detoxifying, for others and myself. The cleanse itself is foolproof. It WILL work!! I am here to help you and to guide you through the whole process. I am here for you. One of the reasons that a cleanse is so dramatically effective is that it commonly removes stress and dis-ease causing toxic emotions. It is amazing how quickly people respond to just one cleanse.

Juice Fasting Retreats in CANADA

Fresh Start Health Retreat Center
2-to-21 Day Health & Lifestyle Transformation Retreats Recommended facilty
Featured Retreat Listing
4384 South Island Highway
Campbell River, BC, Canada, V9H 1E8
RESERVATIONS ~ Ph. Toll Free 1-888-658-3324 or International 250-923-6399    Email
Booking Info ~ Website
Fresh Start | Health Retreat and Spa in British Columbia, Canada offers 2-to-21 Day Health and Wellness Retreats, for advanced whole body detoxification, using organic custom-made cleansing drinks for detoxification of the entire GI track, lymph, liver/ gallbladder, blood, lungs, Candida, parasites, heavy metals and more… The retreat also provides an option of gentle detox and cellular re-nourishment with organic gourmet raw vegetarian foods, fresh juices, green smoothies, as well as hot soups and veggie smoothies. Wheatgrass juice, rehydration with ample amounts of restructured water Hexahedron 999, fresh organic lemon water and various herbal teas are included in the health programs, as are specially chosen supplements assisting digestion (on eating days; on detox days a full GI track it used instead) and hormonal systems. You can choose dates with detox/ semi-fasting or cellular-re-nourishment/ eating. In addition to the nutritional aspect, daily steam baths are offered to assist with the cleansing and healing of the body. The most phenomenal yet affordable health spa services are available on-site, including: massage, colon hydrotherapy, orthobionomy, infrared sauna, heart healing sessions, honey and fruit facials and more... All practitioners are very very experienced, intuitive and multi-skilled. Please note that spa is not included in program cost. Common-sense lifestyle education, food preparation and integration classes are part of the packages though, as are emotional wellbeing workshops, yoga, meditation, on eating days fitness. Body care classes, art and more… Note: All activities are offered on specific days – so unless you stay for the duration of 21-day, you will have access to some classes – those that are scheduled for the time you are with us. Guided nature walks in the pristine air, ocean, mountains, river, forest are nourishing for the body and soul – the views both on the ocean-side property and outside are just unbeatable. Eagles living right on the property, seals and occasionally whales, huge bull kelp seaweeds, unique sand dollars and huge red jelly fish may be seen by our guests, depending on the season. But probably one of the greatest features of the Fresh Start is professional staff guidance before and throughout the program. Check the team here…to see who makes your journey possible. Not only during the initial orientation, but on the daily check-up and throughout the day an experienced Program Director with advanced expertise in the area of natural health will guide you through the program and will answer your questions as they arise. Your health and safety are our priority, and therefore we also carefully study your health prior to your arrival, to ensure we can provide you the best service possible.

Juice Fasting Retreats in FLORIDA

Circle of Life
Circle of Life Holistic ProgramsRecommended facilty
15492 Lakes of Delray Boulevard - Suite 106
Delray Beach, FL 33045
RESERVATIONS ~ Ph. 561-638-8873
Booking Info ~ Website
We offer personal one-on-one and small group JUICE FASTING detoxification programs and RAW FOOD detoxification programs in Florida. Pre and post fast guidance included for preparation and follow-up. Daily Yoga (beginner and advanced), massage, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, hot springs, ocean swimming, colon hydrotherapy along with unlimited fresh organic and delicious juices, teas and broths. Take the time for rest, reflect and meditate in a magnificent setting. This retreat offers a safe emotional environment where you can release the past in order to transform yourself for your future. Now is your time!

Juice Fasting Retreats in INDIANA

Detox Oasis Fasting and Cleansing Retreats
Detox Oasis !- Cleanse Fasting Retreats - Weight loss Recommended facilty
French Lick, Indiana
RESERVATIONS ~ Ph. 812-709-0827    Email
Booking Info ~ Website
The Detox Oasis for your fasting and total cleansing needs. Our experience and training with fasting spans the globe, we are trained in Thailand & the USA. Now in the Midwest, we are providing you with cleansing, herbs, colonics, fasting, our unique parasite program and more. All on a peaceful 1890's farm and Elk ranch teaming with elk! Only at the oasis will you find affordable Colon Cleanse at our Fasting Retreats held each month in the heart of the Midwest. Enjoy your cleanse in a rural setting, miles of trails, bon fires on cool evenings and one price covers everything except one on one weight training and massages! Space is limited only 12 guests at one time and prices start at only $900.00 to $1600.00 per week (dependent on your room selection) Price includes all of your herbs & drinks, lodging, weight room, sauna, hot tub , abs class, lectures, wireless internet access, fasting: fresh raw organic juices, intestinal cleansers cleansing herbs, intestinal cleansing daily, using professional colonic equipment and disposables, (Up to two colonic sessions per day) a peaceful, healing environment, super nutrition, nutritional consulting, rebounders, yoga, health DVD, video and book library, and a parasite program. With a clean colon and better digestive health, your body will better absorb and assimilate nutrients. This raises the immune system, resulting in high physical energy, greater health, weight loss, and overall well being. You will lose weight - Average weight loss per session is 8 to 22 lbs, you will feel great and you will look terrific! Calll Dave to book your Juice Fasting & Cleansing Detox Retreat TODAY! 812-709-0827

Juice Fasting Retreats in NEW YORK

Copperhood Retreat and Spa
Copperhood Retreat & Spa Recommended facilty
Featured Retreat Listing
7039 State Route 28
Shandaken, NY 12480
RESERVATIONS ~ Ph. 845-688-2460    Email
Booking Info ~ Website
Copperhood Retreat and Spa is a peaceful sanctuary in NY where our guests have been reaching their wellness and rejuvenation goals for the past 29 years. Nestled in the lush Catskill Mountains Forest Preserve, a beautiful two-hour drive from New York City, this elegant boutique retreat and spa provides the perfect balance of comfort and elegance, relaxation and fitness, and gourmet and healthful dining. We offer a wide range of customized programs for accelerated weight loss, detoxifying diets, juice fasting, raw food therapy and Ayurvedic Pancha Karma. These result-driven programs are highly personalized and tailored to individual needs, last anywhere from two days to three months. They are run by a highly skilled and empathetic team with years of clinical experience. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients develop healthy new habits and take them back home.

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