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Getaway Spas provides spa vacations to any destination worldwide
Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers   
Oyster Bay, BC, Canada

FRESH START | 7-14-21 Day Health & Lifestyle Transformational Retreats
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Experience a fresh start with a 7-14-21 Day Health and Lifestyle Transformation Retreat & discover the amazing secrets to total health & wellness with our Advanced Whole-Body Detoxification & Wellness programs at the beautiful Vancouver Island oceanfront hotel and spa, Ocean Resort.

Location and Facilities
Fresh Start offers wellness retreats at the oceanfront and eco-luxurious Ocean Resort hotel and spa Vancouver Island's Wellness Retreat Centre & Spa. Located just south of Campbell River, 30 minutes from Comox International Airport and North of Nanaimo ferries, Fresh Start is uniquely positioned to host your Fresh Start health-and-wellness experience. Overlooking Desolation Sound and the Coastal Mountain range from beautiful Oyster River, BC, you will be rejuvenated. During your All-Inclusive stay, you have the option of private or double occupancy room, with an ocean or courtyard-view. Check out upcoming Retreat Dates.

Benefits our Guests Experience

    Healthy Weightloss and Inch-Loss
    Digestive Problems Improved
    Immune System Boost
    In-Depth Life-Changing Health Education
    Emotional Well-Being
    Increased Energy Levels & Mental Clarity

    Clearing of Taste Buds & Decreased Sugar Cravings
    Healthy Habits
    Beautified & Moisturized Skin, Greater Ease of Movement
    Improved Overall Vitality
    Guidance & Support from Experienced, Caring Professionals
    Peaceful, Relaxed Ocean-Front Getaway

Why Do People Come to Fresh Start

    Rejuvenation, break from daily routine
    Eating habits change, taste buds retraining, sugar cravings
    Healthy holidays with a well-rounded package
    Kick-start a healthy lifestyle, get back on track,
with fitness routine and learn how to prepare healthy meals
    Disease prevention
    Re-set the body to heal itself, start regenerating on cellular level

    Mid-to-moderate depression, stress management
    Digestive difficulties
    Smoking cessation/ Quitting smoking
    Improve joint flexibility, arthritis
    Reversal of degenerative diseases
    Cardiovascular health management, including HBP and high cholesterol
    Diabetes management
    Post-cancer detox
    Improve skin complexion
    Unique advanced detox expertise

Fresh Start Healing Structure ™

    Advanced whole-body detoxification with custom-made formulas.

    Cellular Re-nourishment and Gentle Cleansing with organic raw foods, wheatgrass, juices, green smoothies, hot and living soups, as well as carefully chosen supplements.

    Hydration with ample amounts of water, unlimited herbal teas and lemon juice throughout the day. Quality glass water bottle provided

    Daily Hydrotherapy Sessions (steam-bath with cold water treatments and aromatherapy)

    Comprehensive, Common-Sense Health and Lifestyle Education (over 72 hrs of Health Lectures, Food Preparation Classes, Integration Workshops and Informative Videos)

    Emotional Wellness Workshops and One-on-one treatments with experienced professionals (Private life coaching, heart healing, emotional release, phytoessences, energy work)

    Professional Guidance (Hand-picked professional stuff, facilitated by an experienced and highly educated full-time Program Director; ND available; thorough pre-screening)

    Group Environment (limited group size, group bonding time, carefully monitored guest/staff ratio to ensure quality personalized care)

    Yoga and Fitness (morning yoga, guided nature walks & excursions, medical qi gong or tai chi, dance, gentle workouts.

    Meditation, Relaxation and Fun (guided meditation classes, rest periods, art therapy, hands-on natural hair, facial and cosmetics classes, bonfires and seasonal outings, such as kayaking and art/music festivals, hydropath, mini golf,)

    Nature and Natural Facilities (independent and guided nature walks and excursions along the beautiful beach and trails, beautiful hypoallergenic eco-friendly facilities, natural body care amenities, mostly eco-friendly cleaning detergents and fragrance-free facility.

    Health Spa Services (full healing spa over 40 types of world-class health spa, including massages, wraps, colonics, orthobionomy, klawitherapy, Bowen therapy and others)

Note: Additional fees apply to one-on-one spa and emotional wellness services.

Fresh Start Health Restoration Retreats

As a result of our programs, many of our guests have significantly improved their health and energy levels. If you are interested please check out Overview, Dates and Rates or contact us by email or phone.

Toll-Free 1-888-658-3324
International: 250-923-6399
Office: 7 Days/week

4384 South Island Highway
Campbell River, BC, Canada, V9H 1E8

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