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Getaway Spas provides spa vacations to any destination worldwide
2000 S. Ocean Drive ~ Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Regency Health Resort & Spa Hallandale Beach, FL
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reservation at this spa resort The mission at the Regency Health Resort & Spa is to encourage healthier lifestyles by educatin guest about the unique wellness and self-improvement opportunities of destination spas; to help each guest make an informed choice leading to an optimal spa vacation experience with lasting benefits.

The Regency Health Resort & Spa offers one of the best juicing and water fasting programs in the US. Though juice fasting is available, it is by no means mandatory, you may enjoy fine vegetarian fare (including fish by request) prepared daily by spa trained chefs. The juice fasting methods combine respected professional supervision with a luxurious ambiance for every pampered need. The juicing program features all natural organic fruits and vegetables and is tailored to your individual needs and personal medical history. As a result, Regency House has helped thousands of guests solve serious health problems and regain vigorous health. Your fasting program will be personally supervised daily by Dr. Frank Sabatino, one of the few physicians fully certified to clinically monitor the fasting process. Juicy helps to detoxify and rejuvenate as well as lose weight.

Regency Health Resort & Spa makes your stay as luxurious and pampering as possible. Spa treatments include massage, facials, body scrubs and wraps, reflexology, and even an anti-cellulite treatment. Known as a holistic health and living center that has an exceptionally successful history of helping people lose weight and body fat. This success is based on a unique program of high quality vegetarian nutrition combined with stress management and a behavior modification approach with consistent aerobic exercise. At it's heart, the Regency takes great pride in teaching people how to build and maintain high level health and thinner body image, with special emphasis on taking that success home.

The Regency Health Resort & Spa has added some very fun, exciting and challenging new fitness classes to their already diverse schedule. These classes include Introduction to Pilates, Exercise Class in the Ocean, Comprehensive Health Care, Vitamin Class, Dance Class, Tai Chi on the Beach, and Yoga on the Beach. Perhaps the most exciting new class is the Basic Training program. This is where new recruits take the first step to better health. As a result of improving your health, your body will change for the better. Class consists of fast pace walking in the sand to a light jog for cardio endurance, abs, coordination exercises, and strength training to 'Wake up' dormant muscles. The 'Drill Instructor' is 'Heather' and she will get 110% out of you.

Says Dr. Sabatino: “Sedentary behavior has become a normal part of aging in our culture. As a result, we continue to get fatter. Consistent aerobic activity like walking (30 minutes, 4 to 5 times a week), decreases fat levels in the body and increases oxygen supply to the heart and brain, as well as the production of antioxidant enzymes.”

John Nowakowski, chef at the Regency Health Resort & Spa became interested in 'heart-healthy' cuisine to save his own heart. When John began his career at age 15, he was a short-order cook in a steak and lobster house. He progressed quickly and by the age of 24 had become the youngest executive chef in the Marriott corporation. 'But by the time I was 30', said John, 'I started getting chest pains - probably from my diet and the stress of working 16 hours a day.' Two years later, John left his corporate job and began working at a restaurant in Miami where he created a 'heart-healthy' cuisine, which eventually led to his joining the Regency. 'After I quit my old job and began working at the Regency,' said John, 'my health improved tremendously, which I attribute to less stress, a shorter work day, and a vegetarian diet.'

This is echoed by Dr. Frank Sabatino: “A fruit, vegetable & complex starch based vegetarian diet provides the most protection against degeneration and aging. This nutritional approach provides high fiber, low saturated fat and protein, and the greatest concentration of antioxidants (Vitamins C and E, beta carotene, etc.) and phytonutrients (chemicals isolated in plant foods that have been shown to offer the best protection against a variety of degenerative diseases and cancers).”

The closest airport is Ft. Lauderdale. However, many guests fly in to Miami.

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