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Getaway Spas provides spa vacations to any destination worldwide
St Lucia

Anse Chastanet St Lucia, West Indies
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reservation at this spa resortWhat were Caribbean hotels like before the trade winds were replaced by the blasts of air conditioning, when morning exercise was a walk on the beach and not water aerobics and when you sat watching the sunset instead of cable TV? You can still find out at the Anse Chastanet on St. Lucia's unspoiled southwestern Caribbean coast.

Anse Chastanet Resort in St. Lucia has expanded its spa facilities. The original mini-spa is now a full service spa with 7 treatment rooms and hair salon. Located at beach level, the Kai Belté Spa was designed by architect owner Nick Troubetzkoy in the same airy and 'in harmony with nature' style his resort guest rooms are renowned for, yet affording complete privacy.

Professionally trained therapists offer a wide range of spa treatments, including Swedish massage, aromatherapy, and reflexology. Newly added services include shiatsu and ANSE CHASTANET'S own version of La Stone therapy, called Wosh Cho, patois for hot stone. Hair treatments include a tantalizing scalp and neck massage, based on Indian massage principles and reflexology. Also available are Ayurvedic treatments.

No two rooms at Anse Chastanet are exactly alike. Twelve beach-level units are tucked away behind the coconut palms, just steps from the water's edge and the resort's renowned SSI PLATINUM PRO/PADI dive facility. Perched on the hill are Anse Chastanet's original rooms; cherry white-washed cottages with wrap-around balconies. These octagonal shaped 'gazeboes' offer splendid views of the Pitons and the sea, framed by an abundance of flourishing blossoms. Chairs and beds are covered in madras prints - a traditional island fabric of bright plaid woven with the same colours as the ginger lilies, anthuriums and bougainvillea found in every room.

Further up the hill are Anse Chastanet's deluxe suites, where Nick Troubetzkoy's architectural imagination can best be appreciated. Roomy is hardly the word to describe them. Immense is more accurate. And the sense of space is even further enhanced by the fact that as little as possible was put between the guests and their natural surroundings, leaving entire walls open to the vistas. Indeed, it's even hard to say where the inside stops and the outside begins: a flamboyant tree drapes its red-blossomed branches gently over the balcony in one room, the veranda of another was actually built around a red gommier tree. And the famous showers-with-a-view in the premium suites are a unique luxury of Anse Chastanet.

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